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Rave Workshop #1: Disco

Onderdeel van S.O.H.A.


Due to the new Covid-19 measures, this program has been cancelled and will be moved to a later date in 2021. Keep an eye on our website or newsletter to stay updated!

If you bought tickets, please check your email. Also your junk mail if you can’t find the email. If you still can’t find any, please contact us at info[@]

Nightlife Talk #2 will still happen as planned, but will be broadcast live, without an audience. Go to the page here to find the livestream.

Hope to see you soon!



We want to see (you) sweat! In this first rave workshop, disco tunes by DJ Lucylove and Fafi Abdel Nour allow you to get into that groove again, and, if you do it well, the trance of the dance. This workshop is hosted and instructed by House of Hopelezz from Club Church. 

For S.O.H.A.’s rave workshops we’ve decided to invite young DJ talent, that has proven themselves a success on the dance floor. We want to introduce our audience to their music, and what better way to do that whilst dancing?

For this special occassion, Connor Schumacher (from ARK/Connor Schumacher) has designed a 1.5m safe dance floor in our theater, that allows everyone to take part in the workshop at a safe distance from each other. For two hours, you will be instructed to dance, with music blasting. The light installation from Niek Vanoosterweyck in the middle of the space allows one participant at a time to interact with the light.


To get your ticket, press KAARTJE KOPEN on the right. If your browser language is set to English, the process of buying a ticket should be in English.

Please note we have a 1.5m protocol in place. It means 1.5m distance at all times, and mandatory face masks when not in your reserved place. Our bar has to stay closed, but water will be freely available. It is not allowed to bring your own drinks. You can read the full version of the protocol here.


Music: DJ Lucylove (14:00 – 15:00), Fafi Abdel Nour (15:00 – 16:00)

Hosts: Taka Taka, Aryelle Freeman, Angelina Loqui, SasaHara

Floor Design: ARK/Connor Schumacher

Installation: Niek Vanoosterweyck


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