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What ISH Post-Capitalism?

Questioning the future

Compagnietheater is lit again! Last March we had 500 people breaking the house down during a sold out What ISH Gender? and this fall we are building up for another festival extravaganza. ISH and Compagnietheater present a brand new one-night-only festival: What ISH Post-Capitalism?

The festival offers a mix of lively discussion and innovative thought on the future, expressed through music, dance, art and debate. Together we imagine, invent and pose questions about possible futures. Post-capitalistic? But perhaps also post-nationalistic? Post-digital? Post-human?

Can the digital revolution change our ideas on labour, production and value? Can the wealthiest 1% in society become 100% if we redistribute or rethink capital and ownership?

The makers of What ISH Post-Capitalism? challenge themselves to dive deep into themes that are usually only written about, offering us a fresh perspective. Want to see art made by Amsterdam’s finest (performing) artists and think about the future of our society together? Check the full program below.

This program is in English.

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  • Talks

    The What ISH Post-Capitalism talk
    During a 3-hour walk-in walk-out talk show, Stichting Nieuwe Helden invites its guests and audience to react to the statement: CAPITALISM WILL NEVER DIE. Scientists, futuristic thinkers, artists, musicians, philosophers, changemakers, politicians and CEOs are invited to react from their own perspective in whatever form they are comfortable expressing themselves in, whether speech, song, art, or movement. The evening will be completed musically and critically by various artists.

    Together we try to find an answer to the question: Will there ever be an era we can call Post-Capitalism?

  • Dance & Music

    Chagall – Calibration

    Bringing in the princess of technologic pop!

    Chagall is an Amsterdam-born, London-based electronic music producer, songwriter, singer, performer, and innovator. Literally making her music with electronic gloves that respond to her choreography, Chagall embodies her signature sound, creating an almost hyper-reality.

    Headliner at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven earlier this month, she’s one to watch. We’re incredibly excited to welcome this pop phenomenon who combines edgy, fashion forward, technology forward and musical forward thinking in one breathtaking act.

    In Dutch press:“De hele show naar je hand: zangeres Chagall vindt livemuziek opnieuw uit met technologie” (Volkskrant, November 2018)

    Fractal Dance Collective – BREAKIN’ OUT
    ”We found ourselves limited in society patterned behaviour. We are seeking to find freedom through movement but what happens when this freedom becomes a new pattern to break out from? Is it becoming a run away pattern? Or the beginning of a journey towards the true self?”
    Fractal is a collective of four like-minded urban dancers that value movement as it should be – as a daily companion. During What ISH Post-Capitalism they perform their duet BREAKING’ OUT. More info soon.


    Tin men & the Telephone – The jazz band you control with a smartphone
    Focusing on music from their latest album, World Domination, Part 1, Tin Men and the Telephone encourages the audience to download a smartphone app with which they can guide some of the set list. The audience is invited to craft their own rhythms, harmonies and melodies, the best of which Tin Men and the Telephone uploads on a screen and turns into riveting modern jazz excursions.

    Cinematic DJ Irie
    DJ Irie will be accompaniying the What ISH Post-Capitalism discussion. His style can best be described as ‘eclectic’, mashing and mixing hip hop, reggae, funk and soul, rock, breaks, dubstep and even pop music. Irie evolves himself, since ‘style’ is never a definite concept and needs revision on a daily basis. Gifted with a pair of hands that operate best at the speed of sound and a broad interest in styles and genres, DJ Irie is one of The Netherlands’ most forth going, top notch turntablists, renowned for his skills.

  • Art & Installations

    booksareheavy presents during the festival itself as a modern-day publishing entity in the form of a live-audience-engaging-gift-shop-catalogue-publication-installation-performance. True to platform capitalism ideology the night starts with a branded space, sleek empty tables, suspiciously enthusiastic staff, standardised packing crates, ready to sort, send, store and distribute the content worldwide. The thing that is missing is the actual content.

    3 booksareheavy employees will invite the audience to write, draw, strike through and enhance the empty pages of the What ISH Post-Capitalism zine/ebook that will be “published” in the last hour of the event. booksareheavy.xyz is a project by Jasiek Mischke.

    Listen Up!
    If we don’t start thinking about the speed at which things around us move, technology and digitalization will overtake us. Are we ready for a revolution of that magnitude? Because how do we currently manage our lives? Food, work, love, awareness. How can we rethink these elements? Stop, listen, and take a breath.

    During What ISH Post Capitalism the 4D sounds system is presented as an installation that the visitor can step in and out of at his/her leisure. In this art work, beatboxers and voice artists Abdelhadi Baaddi, Daniel Mandolini and Joost Maask transfer you to a completely different realm, but how different is it actually from the current reality?

    The Dutch newspaper NRC described the last performance as “one of the pearls of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival.”

    After the installation, Baaddi, Mandolini and Maask will close with a 45-minute DJ set in the Kleine Zaal

    Live writing with De Tekstsmederij!
    Everybody wonders about what other people are talking or thinking about. What is that bartender thinking? Or why is that girl looking so worried? At What ISH Post-Capitalism, we rewrite reality and the guests are protagonists. Ingredients are the writer, the visitors and a lot of fantatsy!


    What ISH Post-Capitalism is supported by the AFK, Fonds Podiumkunsten, VSB, BankGiro Loterij and Fonds Cultuurparticipatie.


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