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What ISH Identity?


What Ish Identity?

‘WHAT ISH IDENTITY?’ is the third and final installment of the What ISH festival, presented by ISH and Compagnietheater.

Who am I? Who am I online? How do I express myself, and where can we find our common ground? What do people see when they look at me, and do I care or should I care? Let the night speak for itself!

With ‘WHAT ISH IDENTITY?’, we bring a variety of artists, thinkers and performers together in an eclectic festival where these questions about ourselves are encouraged. Nightlife and art give you the freedom to express yourself. It’s a night where dance, music, art, film, talk and clubbing all unite and form a dynamic exploration of our personal and collective identity.

Come and join our night of the unkown you!

Check out the teaser:

Please, check out our timetable (click to enlarge) down below:

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    On the 11th of May 2019, Superball will have its fifth edition in Paradiso. We are proud to present a preview of Superball at ISH Identity! A group of top drag performers will be shaking the house down in a fierce throwdown. Slay time!



    Born in 2000, Stien den Hollander a.k.a. S10 sings and raps gloomily honestly. She mesmerises her listeners by compelling lyrics that take you to the depths of her inner world. She is not afraid to touch those sensitive subjects that we rather like to evade, such as mental problems. Being undoubtedly gifted with a talent for music, she climbs the ranks with a quick pace. Perhaps the reason for her success is the ability to transform difficulty into a sound creation of stunning authenticity.


    Joya Mooi  is muscially taught, trained and loved. The singer from Amsterdam has used various genres of music, like R&B, hiphop and jazz, in order to record her upcoming album, which she and her band will perform live for the first time. Inspired by her South-African roots, she gives a peek into a generation of Amsterdammers that represents a multitude of origines. Relationship, grief, identity and belonging are reflexive topics in her music. Her upcoming album will be released in the second half of 2019.


    Cinematic DJ Irie

    DJ Irie’s style can best be described as ‘eclectic’, mashing and mixing hip hop, reggae, funk and soul, rock, breaks, dubstep and even pop music. Irie evolves himself, since ‘style’ is never a definite concept and needs revision on a daily basis. Gifted with a pair of hands that operate best at the speed of sound and a broad interest in styles and genres, DJ Irie is one of The Netherlands’ most forth going, top notch turntablists, renowned for his skills.



    Sunú by Junadry Leocaria / Korzo Productions

    In the Papiamento language Sunú means undressed, naked, without hair, pure and undisguised. Freedom! We are all born naked but are pushed into protecting ourselves from external influences. Without all those layers, who would you be? This performance is about the rejection of all those layers that limit you in your existence. It returns to the core of purity, sincerity and liberty with which we all have ultimately been born.


    Out of place by Alicia (Fractal Dance Collective)

    Being accepted is one thing, but being appreciated as the true you, is a whole other. Out of place is a performance about the journey we all board onto in order to find our true selves. Such a journey is often found to be accompanied by expectations, judgments and hopes set upon us by others. The result: an absence of one’s own authentic self, as we tend to adapt to social norms of society. This performance incites you to be you, being perfectly out of place.



    Lose yourself in the beats and be surprised by the acts of The Amazing Agency. This Amsterdam branch represents people who are autonomic and not influenced by the norm.


    This amazing DJ knows what a crowd wants and goes to great lengths to give it to them. Bringing a mix of Pop, Hip Hop and the occasional K-Pop song, he get’s everybody to dance and sing along. His amazing appearance and performance skills take every event to the next level.


    This fresh-faced DJ duo is ready to get you to shake it on the dancefloor. With their hiphop and pop remixes they can’t help but turn up every party.


  • EXPO

    II The Hopeful Future by OT

    In this photo series, the current position of manhood in today’s ever emancipating Western society is portrayed.  The queer blame them, feminists shame them and yet they remain strong, yet slightly lost. What does it mean to be a man nowadays? Especially when you do not tick the boxes of the self-liberating minority groups of society. OT captured these conflicts within men whom seem to sometimes struggle to conform to new conventions, societal expectations and perceptions on identity. OT foresees a hopeful future and wants you to be part of it. Check out more work by OT her website and Instagram page.


    The Colors of Survival by Nader Nafi

    Nafi was born in Kuwait and fled to The Netherlands in 2000. Raised during the war in Kuwait, his father Ghassan Nafi gave 7-year old Nader his first coloring book, which became his escape and his sanity. When armed soldiers entered their home, little Nader drew them in color: “it made things bearable”. During What ISH Identity, Nafi will exhibit 10 of his painted works, in honour of his father. Nafi: “The selftaught style of painting, that originated from emotional necessity, will keep developing with the same abstraction and naivity. I will attempt to retain the notion of the playing child”. Nader’s The Colors of Survival will be supported by Spoken Word artist Sean Bogaers  and the pianist Jesse Blom.



  • FILM

    Aan niets overleden by Raymi Sambo

    The Caribbean Thilda Purperhart lives with her daughter Joyce in a rowdy flat in the Bijlmer. Thilda has a son Kelvin who is ill, he has AIDS. She keeps him carefully hidden in the house, so that this will not bring any shame to the family.

    As a result, the boy does not receive medication and his situation worsens more and more. Their secret seems safe until one day the doorbell rings and Julius, a Dutch-Caribbean man standing at the door looking for his old school friend Kelvin.

    I CAME CLEAN IN A DIRTY DRESS by Ottilie Maters

    During the past two years, film maker Ottilie Maters has been observing the gay/drag culture in Europe. The footage will be presented in varying forms: as a film installation, a photographic exhibition, and a documentary (to be released at a later date). The installation film, “I CAME CLEAN IN A DIRTY DRESS”, showcases some special and honest moments selected from Mater’s observations. The compilation film is accompanied by a live soundscape composed and performed by sir o sir. The title “I CAME CLEAN IN A DIRTY DRESS”, is
    a quote from Gracey’s Newman’s poem “Ballads of a Drag”.


    What moves the artists of What ISH Identity to create their work? Where do they get their inspiration from? Moderator Jennifer Muntslag (The Naked MC) will deepen out their reasons of creation. Come, join the Artist Talk and find out the sources of inspiration of Raymi Sambo, Junadry Leocaria, Ottilie Matters S10.


    Jennifer Muntslag ©Richard Terborg



    Sarah Marikh make-up artist

    She’s young, she’s beautiful and she’s a successful beauty vlogger from the Netherlands: Sarah Marikh. Every week she uploads two tutorial videos in which she tries out new looks and techniques. Her skill of make- up application comes from her experience working as a make-up artist. During What ISH Identity you can ask your long-held questions concerning make-up to Sarah. She will then answer you in practise: she will explain the technique on the spot by applying the make-up onto your face. Learn by doing, so to say!


    Everybody wonders about what other people are talking or thinking about. What is that bartender thinking? Or why is that girl looking so worried? At What ISH Post-Capitalism, we rewrite reality and the guests are protagonists. Ingredients are the writer, the visitors and a lot of fantatsy!

    What ISH Identity? is supported by the AFK, Fonds Podiumkunsten, VSB, BankGiro Loterij and Fonds Cultuurparticipatie.


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