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17.00 | JA HÉ? | Nedda Sou 
18.15 | Dengar | Joenoes Polnaija
18.30 | Spoken Word | Ivan Words |
19.30 | AIDEN | Gianni Grot 
20.00 | Music | Rimon 
19.30 | Treasuries of Mysteries | Sheyda Darab 
20.15 | Music | Chassol |
22.15 | Shasta Geaux pop | Ayesha Jordan 
22.00 | Music | Quique 
23.30 | Music | Jacin Trill 
23.30 | Music | Larry B |

How do we see ourselves? Are we our roots? Our sexual preference or age? Looks or state-of-mind? Gender or work? Are we our country, city or hood? What we believe in, fight for or celebrate? We’re all that and more.

At the RIGHTABOUTNOW Festival next gen artists from a variety of local and global Hip Hop subcultures exchange ideas and share what they’re about right now.

Amsterdam’s Urban Performing Arts Centre RIGHTABOUTNOW INC. supports next gen artists from a variety of Hip Hop subcultures in developing theatre, music and dance projects locally and abroad. RIGHTABOUTNOW INC. believes in inclusivity as the foundation for artistic innovation and social development.

Since 2012 currently renowned artists such as Alida Dors, Gregory Porter, Sarah McFarlane, Anne Nguyen, Mandela Weewee, Dionne Verweij, Pink Oculus, Izzy Bizzu, Teebs, Young Paris, Carista, Loyle Carner, S.M.I.B., Kojey Radical and Gery Mendes – were part of the RIGHTABOUTNOW Festival.

For more visit rightaboutnowinc.com

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