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Queer Pornfilmnight w/ LIONSTORM

the womxn's edition

Tonight we ask ourselves: what is porn beyond pornhub? Why is porn a ‘typical male thing’ and why is ‘porna’ not the only answer?

To celebrate diversity and womxn in porn, Compagnietheater presents the 2nd edition of Queer Pornfilmnight in collaboration with Porn Film Festival Berlin; a selection of gender-melting queer womxn’s porn shorts for anyone interested in new and inclusive perspectives. This time, however, with a special focus on the non-male gaze in porn and sexual representation of womxn in general. The foreplay of the evening will be a performance by the norm-slaying queer rap duo LIONSTORM. After, there will be a panel discussion on the representation of womxn in porn, moderated by Sanne Pols.

Queer Pornfilmnight arose from the desire to show more diversity and artistic creativity in porn to our queer community; alternative stories, methods or forms, a bigger variety of female bodies. This evening will introduce you to various juicy, funny, thrilling and sensual alternative porn shorts. Prior to the shorts program there will be performances by LIONSTORM and queer pole dancer Peppermetz. Afterwards you’ll have the chance to share your experience and ask questions to makers from the industry with Yvette Luhrs.

Queer Pornfilmnight is an open and safe space where we intend to talk about sensitive and personal topics. Whether you’re gay, hetero, bi, trans, queer, cis, non-binary or a-sexual; everyone is welcome. Any kind of bullying, hatred or discrimination will not be tolerated.

The program will be English-spoken.

Film program:

  • Honey and Glitter 
    Marit Östberg, 16 min, 2019

Honey bondage, glitter armor and the feeling of being inside a womb. Honey and Glitter is an arousing and sparkling exploration of the body and how to touch the world in a new way.

  • Submerge
    Ena Lind, 15 min, 2020

One asks the questions, sharp, hard-core but always with deep connection; the other answers when she can. Submerge is one of the million chapters of a queer BDSM love story.

  • Pizza Roles
    Aisha Mohamed, 15 min, 2017

A porn production is run off the rails by a corporate cult of diversity that only sees the bottom line.

  • An Illicit affair
    Goodyn Green/Erika Lust, 20 min, 2018

The story of a secret affair. Two ex-lovers surrender to forbidden lust.

Special Ticket Info

Because of Corona measures, we can only allow a limited amount of visitors to this program. Tickets are only sold as single tickets or duo tickets, because of the chair set-up.

Do that by clicking on KAARTJE KOPEN on the right of this screen. Select the amount of tickets you want to reserve for a certain time slot and press VOLGENDE twice, leave your email address and press VOLGENDE again. If you wish to support us with a donation, you can do so on the next screen. Once you press BEVESTIG, you will confirm your reservation.

Some of our community members might have less to spend, sometimes as a consequence of our community’s position in society. Do you feel like the price of the ticket is too high for you? Then please send an email to info[@]compagnietheater.nl and you can request a free ticket.

Additional adjustments have been made to make the theater 1,5m proof. Read the full protocol here.

With support of Filmhuis Cavia and the Porn Film Festival Berlin


    LIONSTORM is an Amsterdam based hip hop duo composed of Vuige Muis and Skerrie Sterrie. LIONSTORM noticed a lack of queer role models within the Dutch hip hop scene and coming from a shared love of this genre, they decided to form a rap formation.

    They are mostly known for their sexy aggressive style in their lyrics, concerts, music video’s, clothing and pictures which are all released under the same name. LIONSTORM has worked with among others Patta, Irfan Er, Michael Middelkoop, Paradiso Melkweg Producties en Zwart Licht.

    Their first single ‘No H8ro’ accompanied by a music video was released at the beginning of July 2019 through a release party in the Melkweg Expo where their pictures were also being displayed. ‘No H8ro’ immediately made the New Music Friday NL Spotify playlist and got called the queer anthem of 2019 by i-D.

    The duo since performed at among others, the Down The Rabbit Hole Festival, Noorderslag, Tokyo at multiple locations and Belgium while their new pictures were being displayed at the CBK gallery in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.

  • Sanne Pols

    Sharing personal stories and connecting through queer experiences reflects in all her work. From professional storyteller and public speaker to D&I (diversity & inclusion) trainer and developer of educational school programs; Sanne is actively pursuing equality and trying to contribute to making space for differences. 

    She is in love with her work as queer tour guide at her own company LGBTour_Amsterdam: a queer walk through the pink heart of Amsterdam while connecting queers and allies from all over the world. Together with her guests, she discusses queer history, queer politics and they share their diverse personal experiences as queer or ally with each other. Sanne calls every LGBTour ‘a natural and queer high’. 

  • Peppermetz

    Peppermetz is an Amsterdam-based pole artist who does not want to conform to the stigma often attached to pole dancers. An aesthetic that can be described as beautifully ugly, comfortably uncomfortable and creepily endearing, as long as there’s friction! “If I meet all your expectations, you will get your money back ?”

  • Yvette Luhrs

    Yvette Luhrs is an all-round sex worker, activist and feminist.
    Her mission: to get rid of the stigma attached to sex work, because that perpetuates oppression and lack of freedom.

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