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Progress is Moving

Rave Sessions

Proudly presenting Amsterdam’s online morning rave sessions! After a successful first edition, Compagnietheater & Connor Schumacher present a series of rave sessions: Progress is Moving, where you’re invited to start your day by releasing your inner club kid energy! Woke and awake, we’ll dance alone but together from our own living rooms. Wear your funkiest outfit and JOIN THE MOVEMENT! 

Everything still moves
Everything is changing

Your heart, your lungs
Your eyes, your mouth, your voice
Your body opens and closes

Our physical togetherness has closed
but a sense of care for the body and space has opened
We still need practice!
Progress is still moving!
Let’s move, find space, find thought, and keep practicing being human.

The state of rave is the place where we can practice these things:  
> freedom of movement >> individual expression and >>> unique togetherness are practiced every time we decide to come together and move.

          – Connor Schumacher

The Rave

Connor Schumacher is a dance artist based in Rotterdam. His research into cognitive science, linguistics and metaphors have met their ultimate companion in the queer rave culture. Connor is interested in everything that dance is, was, and will be in the future, because “somewhere in there is a key to revolutionary thought”.

The format of the sessions is built off of Connor’s experience of Morning Rave sessions, by performance artist and organizer Suzanne Stavast, that she began in Rotterdam in 2018. After co-hosting these events with her, he takes this next step into the digital physical with Compagnietheater, while developing his dream of opening a Rave Studio where morning, day or night, we can come together and practice being human. We’re hoping to announce more projects with Connor in the near future, so we’d love to have you with us in these satellite versions!


  • Have a water bottle ready: Hydration is everything!
  • Please wear something fun & comfortable to dance in. Have a festival/party outfit that NEEDS to dance? This is the moment!
  • We advise you to wear headphones or plug your laptop into high-quality speakers. It’s essential to hear the music in high quality.
  • No chatting, just dancing! (a.k.a. turn of your mic)
  • The sessions will be alcohol free
  • The sessions are hosted in English and approx. 60 minutes long
  • The Zoom meetings are open from 7.45 A.M., we start at 8:00 A.M.
  • The link to the 5th of June Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/99558953840
  • The meeting will be livestreamed to Facebook and Youtube, so you can also follow and dance with us live by watching it there. Check our Youtube or Facebook profiles when the event starts.
  • Although it’s advised to follow the whole series, you can also jump in and do one session whenever you like. The dates for the four sessions are:

10th of April

8th of May

22nd of May

5th of June

19th of June

  • About Connor Schumacher

    Connor Schumacher is a dance artist and artistic leader of Stichting ARK, the foundation with which he organizes movement classes and raves and creates performances, with the goal to get people moving. Connor is convinced that the world would be a better place if we would dance every day.

    Last season Connor toured with Funny Soft Happy & The Opposite, that was extremely well received in all theatres where it was performed.  In the past he made o.a. the performances Threesome (2019), OK Future (2017), The Fool (2018) and Boy Oh Boy (2012). Next to this he took part in the European research projects Dancing Museums (2015-2017) and Empowering Dance (2018-2020), in which he searched for new ways of interaction with an audience and the soft skills people can develop through dance.

    Connor studied dance and composition at Purchase Conservatory of Dance in New York, after which he developed himself from 2012 onwards as an independent dance artist at Dansateliers in Rotterdam. In 2019 he was awarded with the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival, which offered him a production budget of 10.000  euros to invest in his new work Stillness Is A Concept.


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