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Pornfilmnight w/ Perry Gits

The Non-Heteronormative Edition

(Nederlandse tekst onderaan)

!!!PLEASE NOTE: this program takes place at Lab111 

To celebrate diversity in porn, House of CT presents the 3rd edition of Pornfilmnight in collaboration with Porn Film Festival Vienna; a selection of gender-melting porn shorts for anyone interested in new and inclusive perspectives. On the 1st of December, Perry Gits will curate and present this evening with a special focus on intersectionality.

Pornfilmnight arose from the desire to show more diversity and artistic creativity in porn to our community; alternative stories, methods or forms, a bigger variety of bodies. This evening will introduce you to various juicy, funny, thrilling and sensual alternative porn shorts. Our aim is to present an equal balance of masculine and feminine influences, with a special focus on non-western narratives. Prior to the shorts program, there will be an introduction by our moderator Souhayla Ou-Oumar and our panel of guests, Patricia Mokosi, Adjoa Moon, and Black Vixen Pearl. At intermission, there will be a performance by our curator and award winning theater maker Perry Gits. After the shorts program, the panel, will continue their talk. How do we diversify porn? How does sex and porn influence our lives?

House of CT is an open and safe space where we intend to talk about sensitive and personal topics. Whether you’re gay, hetero, bi, trans, queer, cis, intersex, non-binary or a-sexual; everyone is welcome. All forms of racism, religious bigotry, transgressive behavior, such as unwanted comments, (sexual, verbal) intimidation and (physical) violence, will not be tolerated. We refer to our house rules for more information. During the event there will be an Awareness Person to speak to about any issues.

The full program will be English-spoken. Trigger warnings will be added on this page and sent through email to those who purchased tickets when the selection of shorts is online (in the weeks before the 1st of December). There will be a photographer at the event, but they will only photograph the stage, not the audience.


Some of our community members might have less to spend, sometimes as a consequence of our community’s position in society. Do you feel like the price of the ticket is too high for you? Then please send an email to info[@]houseofct.nl and you can request a free ticket.

  • Nederlandse tekst

    !!!LET OP: dit programma vindt plaats bij Lab111

    Om diversiteit in porno te vieren, presenteert House of CT alweer de 3e editie van Pornfilmnight in samenwerking met Porn Film Festival Vienna; een selectie van gender-melting pornoshorts voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in nieuwe en inclusieve perspectieven. Op 1 december cureert en presenteert Perry Gits deze avond met speciale focus op intersectionaliteit.

    Pornfilmnight is ontstaan ​​uit de wens om meer diversiteit en artistieke creativiteit in porno te laten zien aan onze gemeenschap; alternatieve verhalen, methodes of vormen, en een grotere verscheidenheid aan lichamen. Deze avond presenteren we sappige, grappige, spannende en sensuele pornoshorts. Ons doel is om een ​​gelijke balans tussen mannelijke en vrouwelijke invloeden te presenteren, met speciale aandacht voor niet-westerse perspectieven. Voorafgaand aan het korte programma is er een introductie van onze moderator Souhayla Ou-Oumar en ons panel van gasten, Patricia Mokosi, Adjoa Moon en Black Vixen Pearl. In de pauze is er een optreden door curator en prijswinnend theatermaker Perry Gits. Na afloop van het filmprogramma gaat het panel verder. Hoe diversifiëren we porno? Hoe beïnvloeden seks en porno onze levens?

    House of CT is een open en veilige ruimte waar gevoelige en persoonlijke onderwerpen vaak worden besproken. Of je nu homo, hetero, bi, trans, queer, cis, intersekse, non-binair of a-seksueel bent; iedereen is welkom. Alle vormen van racisme, onverdraagzaamheid, grensoverschrijdend gedrag, zoals ongewenste opmerkingen, (seksuele, verbale) intimidatie en (fysiek) geweld, worden niet getolereerd. Voor meer informatie verwijzen wij naar onze huisregels. Tijdens het evenement zal er een Awareness Person zijn als aanspreekpunt voor problemen of ongewenste gevoelens.

    Het volledige programma is Engelstalig. Triggerwaarschuwingen zullen op deze pagina worden toegevoegd en via e-mail worden verzonden naar degenen die tickets hebben gekocht wanneer de selectie van shorts online is (een paar weken voor 1 december).

    Dit programma is gemaakt met steun van het Porn Film Festival Vienna.


    Sommige leden van onze gemeenschap hebben misschien minder te besteden, soms als gevolg van de positie van onze gemeenschap in de samenleving. Vind je de prijs van het ticket te hoog voor je? Stuur dan een e-mail naar info[@]houseofct.nl en vraag een gratis toegangsbewijs aan.

  • Perry Gits

    Perry Gits is an award winning theatre director and performer. He recently works as a creative programmer. His inspiration and drive comes from everything he or the people around him witness in their daily life and he uses different senses in his work to communicate to a diverse audience. Perry is the first male figure sex siren of the Dutch Ballroom scene and a proud member of the Iconic House of Ninja as the Dutch Prince.

  • Souhayla Ou-Oumar

    Souhayla Ou-Oumar is a professional jack-of-all-trades who puts learning – most importantly, learning from each other – at the center of her practice. She works as an educator in Amsterdam West, while also pursuing her master’s degree in language education. Over the past years Souhayla’s love for movement and connection has brought forth another passion; she is a known face in the Amsterdam nightlife community –as a host at De School, Amsterdam Dance Event and many more.


  • Adjoa Moon

    Adjoa Moon is a multidisciplinary artist, dominatrix, cultural entrepreneur and kink activist with Ghanaian roots. In both her work and personal life Adjoa often combines
    her ancestral lineage with spirituality. Raised by Ghanaian parents Adjamoon grew up with ‘Ananasesem’: a form of story-telling associated with Anansi the spider. Her mission is to open up conversations about topics of taboo and Ananasesem creates more accessibility to talk about these matters. In that way she can create a safe space to talk about sexual development and empowerment.

  • Black Vixen Pearl

    Black Vixen Pearl is a Amsterdam stripper, webcam model and dominatrix with an expertise in body sensuality.

  • Patricia Nganga Mokosi

    Patricia Nganga Mokosi (she/she) is a Congolese multidisciplinary artist with a background in fashion. She has a deep connection with her African heritage and spirituality. In her work she always tries to find a balance with the physical world and the space beyond: there is more than meets the eye. Everything is energy. Furthermore she is interested in self-pleasure, sex magic and nutrition as aphrodisiac and medicine.

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