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Instant Creation Workshop

by Native Moons

Experience dancing apart together and create your own moves!

Dance collective Native Moons (Sarada Sarita Keilman, Kim Tawjoeram, Yordana Rodriguez) have their roots in the freestyle dance styles Waacking, Voguing, Housedance, Hiphop and Popping. In this Instant Creation Workshop, the Native Moons will guide you through various freestyle exercises that you can do at home. Don’t worry, experience is not required.

Native Moons host a stage every year during Amsterdam Roots Festival and they teach Waacking, House and Popping at Nowhere Amsterdam. This Thursday they will take you out of your comfort zone and through the power of dance they set you free in motion.

“We’ll share some of our favorite music, dance and freestyle exercises, and together we will create a vibe which you won’t forget!”

Native Moons is a unique dance collective consisting of three female artists: Sarada Sarita Keilman, Yordana Rodriguez and Kim Tawjoeram.  With a united passion for music, art and dance, they share the same state of mind: “When we dance we are free, and when we are free, we dance”. They express this vision both in the underground dance scene and in the theatre.


Sarada Sarita Keilman is an all-round performer, dancer, choreographer and pioneer in the Dutch Waacking and Vogueing scene, and a familiar face for the die-hard CT fans: her show Q4- Quantified was sold out several times. For this show she won the BNG Bank Dansprijs in 2019. She also won the Zilveren Krekel for her role in GRIMM by ISH & the Junior Company of the National Ballet.


Kim Tawjoeram danced from the age of 12 and participated in and won various Hip-hop and House dance battles in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, she is the head of the Dynamic Arts Dance Academy, where she’s coaching the next generation in their passion for the arts.



Yordana Rodriguez is a Popping artist from the Netherlands. She danced in productions of dance companies like ISH, Dance Theater AYA and Don’t Hit Mama. Yordana teaches at various dance academies and is a member of Illusionary Rockaz Company.




  • Have a water bottle ready: Hydration is everything!
  • Please wear something fun & comfortable to dance in. And don’t be afraid to show it! (aka turn on your video)
  • We advise you to wear headphones or plug your laptop into speakers.
  • No chatting, just dancing! (a.k.a. turn of your mic)
  • The workshop is hosted in English and approx. 60 minutes long
  • The Zoom meeting is open from 7.45 P.M., we start at 8:00 P.M.
  • The link to the meeting:https://zoom.us/j/91784428080
  • The meeting will also be livestreamed to Facebook. There, you can also follow and dance with us, but no interaction will be possible. Check our Facebook profiles when the event starts.

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