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How to punk a revolution?


’83 minutes, English

Including talk after the film with panel discussion! (read below)

CT Cinematic presents the documentary Queercore: How to punk a revolution. The cultural and social movement queercore began as an offshoot of punk and was distinguished by its discontent with society’s disapproval of the gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender communities.

It embraced the do-it-yourself attitude of punk: making fanzines, distributing your own records, inventing and expressing your own aesthetic, and addressing revolutionary gay politics in homemade magazines and experimental films. The documentary is made up of the partly animated content of these magazines, experimental films from the 1980s and 1990s, interviews with the people involved, and archive footage of bands such as Pansy Division, A.S.F. and Tribe 8. It also questions whether the queer community nowadays has become too mainstream—shouldn’t it be reemphasizing its outsider position?


Talk afterwards

Directly following the documentary, there will be a short talk after the film with a panel of queer guests coming from fashion, lifestyle, performing arts, science and politics. Lead by Aynouk Tan (journalist, curator, lecturer) the panel will reflect on the documentary, it’s style, content and intersectionality (or lack thereof).

After a short break, the panel will continue their conversation for another 45 minutes discussing what queer means in 2019. When you are LGBTQIAP+, are you then always queer? And can you be queer without being LGBTQIAP+? Who can claim queerness? And what does queer expression look like?

Panel guests are Alexander Bulten (trans and queer activist), Domitilla Olivieri (researcher and teacher), Dino Suhonic (director Maruf), and Jozef Wright (photographer)

With a special live performance by Reindier and two exhibitions by artist Julius Stahl and photographer Jozef Wright.

The whole program will be in English.

DISCLAIMER: This evening is about inclusivity and meant to be a safe space. Whether you identify as queer or not, LGBTQIAP+ or not, we want everybody to feel safe to attend or speak up. Discrimination, bullying or any excluding behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • Aynouk Tan

    Aynouk Tan is a (fashion) journalist, curator and lecturer, specialized in the way clothing shape our identity and perceptions. As an activist, she focusses on dismantling patriarchal, heteronormative and colonial narratives, for instance via the podium ‘Queer Is Not a Manifesto’, recently launched at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Tan is also a board member at the political party BIJ1, an advisor at Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst and is currently working on a variation of (queer) programs for Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Linda TV.

  • Alexander Bulten

    Alexander (Alex) Bulten is a 21 year old trans and queer activist and active with Pink Terrorists. He studies Cultuurwetenschappen (Cultural Sciences) at the University of Amsterdam and, from time to time, uploads a video on his youtube channel where he talks about his experiences as a bisexual transman and the do’s and don’ts of meeting a trans person.

  • Dr. Domitilla Olivieri

    Domitilla (Domi) Olivieri is an anthropologist, activist, researcher and teacher in the field of gender studies, media and society. She is active in academic, artistic and activist spaces and has been involved for many years in feminist, queer and anti-racist and anti-capitalist militant activism.

    She is assistant professor at the department of Media and Culture Studies at UtrechtUniversity. Her research and didactics are in the field of documentary film, gender and postcolonial studies, visual anthropology, media and cultural studies. Her most recent publications include an article entitled “Diasporic proximities: spaces of ‘home’ in European documentary” in Transnational Cinemas, and an edited special issue of Feminist Media Studies entitled “Affective Encounters: Tools of Interruption for Activist Media Practices”

  • Dino Suhonic

    Dino Suhonic is queer moslim en publiceert over diverse gender-gerelateerde vraagstukken. Hij is directeur van Stichting Maruf, het platform voor queer moslims uit Nederland en daarbuiten. In 2019 organiseerde hij in de Rode Hoed de talkshow serie Coming In Coming Out, over queer onderwerpen.


    Jozef Wright is a 22 year-old photographer, born in Jamaica and raised in California. He currently lives in Den Haag, The Netherlands. The focus of his personal work is bringing different aspects of surrealism, fantasy, and reality together to tell stories about our society and his personal experiences in a stylized manner.

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