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Dark Moon door Ahmet Polat {CT Curated by the artist}

Dark Moon curated by Ahmet Polat

Images from the photo exposition by Ahmet Polat


Op 1 juni geeft CT Collective de sleutel van het Compagnietheater aan fotograaf Ahmet Polat. Onder het label {CT Curated by the artist} brengt hij deze avond de vergeten geschiedenis van de Arfo-Turken in beeld.

Ahmet Polat, voorheen Fotograaf des Vaderlands en gepubliceerd in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar en The New York Times, dook dertien jaar lang in de Afro-Turkse cultuur. Het integere, intrigerende resultaat is te zien in Dark Moon. Met een foto-expositie, podcast, Afro-Turkse volkszang en heerlijk Turks eten.

Deze expositie schijnt een liefdevol licht op het onbekende verhaal van een groep, ooit tot slaaf gemaakte, Afrikanen in Turkije. Half geïntegreerd, half ontworteld zijn zij altijd op zoek naar een eigen plek, in strijd met verschillende culturen en met hun identiteit.

19:00 – 19:45 Foto expositie + Turks eten
19.45 – 21:00 Muzikaal optreden door Khadija Massaoudi.
De show verzorgd door Ahmet Polat , Khadija Massaoudi, Selim Doğru



Honored photographer Ahmet Polat (Voorheen fotograaf des vaderlands) and Khadija Massaoudi traveled through the forgotten history of the Afro-Turkish community in Turkey. Now, they bring their stories to Compagnietheater, which, for one night, will transform into a Afro-Turkish heritage picnic. Expect musical theater, traditional food, eaten on rugs on the floor between trees, and powerful photography. Everything is set to indulge you into the Afro-Turkish history and culture. Dark Moon is a brave, sincere attempt at drawing attention to the story of the Afro-Turkish community. It is a story about having a dual nationality, and the search for identity. How do you unite your roots from different countries? And how do you tell a story, which has seldom been told before?

For over twelve years Ahmet Polat has been researching the underexposed story of the Afro-Turkish community in Turkey. In collaboration with the Afro-Turkish foundation he worked on setting up an extraordinary archive consisting of portraits of the Afro-Turkish community. Each year, during the annual picnic, imagery from this archive is being exposed between the trees.

This May, Ahmet Polat will get behind the camera again. Together with dramatist Khadija Massaoudi, he will travel to Turkey to translate the story of the Afro-Turkish community into images, words and music. The fruits of this journey will be displayed at Het Compagnietheather: here we will re-enact the annual picnic, only this time the pictures will hang between the columns.

Khadija Massaoudi is also fascinated by the story of this community. In 2009 she learned about its history through the renowned singer Esmeray Diriker. Tonight Khadija will perform songs by this Afro-Turkish singer accompanied by composer Selim Dogru.

19:00 – 19:45 photo exhibition (By Ahmet Polat) + heritage picnic with dinner
19.45 – 21:00 Musical (Afro Turk folk songs by Khadija Massaoudi)

Show: Ahmet Polat , Khadija Massaoudi, Selim Doğru


Ahmet Polat

Motivated to capture the unexpected, the quality of Ahmet’s work has earned the deserved respect of serious critique. He has won several awards and grants like the ICP Infinity Award 2006, Laureate Photographer of the Dutch Nation 2015 and he has exhibited, lectured and published prolifically, ranking Bozarts in Brussels, the Istanbul Modern, Rijksmuseum, FOAM and Stedelijk Amsterdam, the NY Times, French and Turkish Vogue as some of the prestiges places. Ahmet integrates his bi-cultural perspective in everything he does. As an educator he worked at Bilgi and Koc University (istanbul) and currently teaches Arts & Crossmedia design at AKI Enschede.Together with Lucas de Man and Rashif El Kaoui he is working on an on-going theatre, film and exhibition called , The Myth of Men. The play travels in Holland and Belgium and his exhibition opened during the Istanbul Biennial in 2017 and is currently traveling to Boston.

Khadija Massaoudi 

Khadija Massaoudi was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A real story teller in different ways. She tells it all as a writer, dramatist and journalist. As a journalist she works behind the camera but also as a host and interviewer for Dutch national television. She writes and directs theater performances and film. And sometimes Massaoudi also takes the role of a performer and singer. Love and freedom are the two words that represent her work and lifestyle.

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