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CT Cinematic: Bixa Travesty (2018)

A feature-length documentary picturing transgender singer Linn da Quebrada

(Dutch Below)

(This program was previously scheduled in December 2020, but was postponed due to Covid restrictions. If you bought tickets, please check your email. Don’t forget your junk mail!)

‘Bixa Travesty’ (Tranny Fag) is a feature-length documentary picturing a Brazilian transgender singer called Linn da Quebrada. Coming from a very poor region of São Paulo, she faces many prejudices, also for being black. Her funk music sounds like a ‘gun’ against machismo. With a really strong and daring presence on stage, she constantly seeks to discuss and fight paradigms and stereotypes.

The world goes round, but I go more.

            Linn da Quebrada

In her songs, speeches and daily life, Linn introduces us to her tough life. The ‘transvestyte’ (as she likes to spell it) is challenged in the streets. Facing prejudice, Linn moves away from the victim role and grabs her weapons. As she sings, ‘My black skin is my cloak of courage’ and ‘she doesn’t want penis, she wants peace’. She is a super warrior in Brazil – the country with most homocides on trans people. 

This movie is Portuguese-spoken with English subtitles. Duration: 1h15min

Additional adjustments have been made to make the theater 1,5m proof. Limited seating available. Read the full protocol here.


    In 2016, multimedia artist Linn found in music another medium to fight for the breakdown of sexual, gender and body paradigms. Her first single, “Enviadescer”, made a lot of noise because of its direct lyrics and a music video that openly displays transvestites and feminized bodies. Also with her other songs, like “Talento” and “Bixa Preta”, open promotion of sexual tolerance would be Linn’s main concepts. In 2017, the artist assumed another way of communication by launching “blasFemea”, her first audiovisual experiment, which she wrote and directed herself. She maintained her engagement, and in the same week, Linn opened a collective financing campaign for the production of “Pajubá”, her debut album, which exceeded her initial goal and was released some months later, in October.

    Currently touring with the album, Linn has also been featured in Brazilian national cinema, where she appeared twice in 2017: in Marcelo Caetano’s “Corpo Elétrico” (Body Eletric) and in Alice Riff’s documentary “Meu Corpo é Político” (My Body is Political). The actress also starred a music video and appeared in the giant urban outdoor poster Absolutas, for the Absolut Vodka brand campaign in Brazil. Furthermore, she was also nominated as New Artist for the APA (Association of Art Critics of Sao Paulo) Award in 2017.

    In concerts, Linn da Quebrada is accompanied by the music producer BadSista, the singer Jup do Bairro, the drummer Valentino Valentino and the DJ Pininga.


  • Credits

    Claudia Priscilla, Kiko Goifman

    Claudia Priscilla, Linn da Quebrada
    and Kiko Goifman

    Evelyn Mab

    Karla da Costa

    Tomás Franco

    Olívia Brenga

    Samanta do Amaral

  • Nederlandse tekst

    (Dit programma stond eerder gepland in december 2020, maar werd uitgesteld vanwege Covid-beperkingen. Als je tickets had gekocht, check dan je e-mail. Check ook je ongewenste e-mails!)

    ‘Bixa Travesty’ (Tranny Fag) is een documentaire over een Braziliaanse transgender zangeres genaamd Linn da Quebrada. Ze komt uit een zeer arme regio van São Paulo en wordt geconfronteerd met veel vooroordelen, ook omdat ze zwart is. Haar funkmuziek komt over als een ‘pistool’ tegen de macho-cultuur. Met een sterke en gedurfde aanwezigheid op het podium probeert ze stereotypen te bespreken en te bestrijden.

    Deze film is Portugees gesproken en Engels ondertiteld. 


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