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Cry-Baby: The Birth of Camp

Shake your ass, embrace you're trash

CT Cinematic presents: a one-time-only re-run of the cult-classic Cry-Baby (1990, John Waters)

’85 minutes, English with Dutch subtitles

Including an introduction to the film and some real jive dancing afterwards!

A greased mohawk. Leather jacket and jeans. A hot burning motorcycle. A single tear running down his cheek. It’s Wade “Cry-Baby” Walked, the protagonist of John Waters’ Cry-Baby from 1990, as played by Johnny Depp. CT Cinematic presents you with the chance to see this forgotten pearl by the “King of Bad Taste” and “Pope of Trash”. Making camp and bad taste legendary through his amazing films such as Hairspray and Pink Flamingos, this cult-classic of his deserves to get more spotlight.

It’s 1954 in Baltimore and we’re at the cusp of the birth of rock ’n roll. Elvis is in the air. The rough Wade “Cry-Baby” Walked falls in love with goody Allison. But Wade and Allison belong to two rival subcultures. He’s part of the ‘drapes’, a group of young delinquents with black leather jackets, motorcycles, greased mohawks, high-waisted pencil skirts with polka dots and bright red lipstick. She is part of the ‘squares’, a bunch of middle-class do-gooders with polo shirts, big houses and sweet voices. Their forbidden love leads them down a path of angry exes, drama and most of all: a lot of music.

With an unforgettable cameo by Iggy Pop and soundtrack, you can’t sit still to!

Luckily for you, we will give you the opportunity to do some real shakin’ yourself. After the film there will be a 45-minute dance workshop by Rock ‘n’ Roll-vereniging Gel for those interested, to teach you the basic steps of rockabilly dance. So, don’t hesitate to put on that leather jacket, grease up that hair, dig up those polka dots and come jive with us ’till we can’t jive no more.

See you there, don’t be a square…

Cineville cardholders can visit this program for 5 euros upon presenting their card at the cash register. We advise you to come a bit early, to make sure you reserve a seat.


  • Introduction

    Rijk Kistemaker studied Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. His research is concerned with the relationship between camp and far-right online discourses. He also writes about film – and camp – for EYE EXPOSED. Tonight, he will discuss John Waters’ oeuvre and, especially, how his exuberant productions relate to discussions about camp, a concept that is not so easily defined.

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll-vereniging Gel

    Rock ‘n’ Roll-vereniging Gel will teach a 45-minute rockabilly dance workshop for those interested after the film. This way you can later show off your rock ‘n’ roll moves! Rock ‘n’ Roll-vereniging Gel is thé place for learning real rock ‘n roll dancing from the fifties. They teach a variety of courses, on different levels. Your teachers for this evening will be Arnout Lansberg and Tessa.

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