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“In 2019 I went to Hamburg and that was where I saw Solange in the Elbphilharmonie. This is going to be a crazy story. My friend and I got the tickets for the concert a few months earlier. They were sent physically to my address. The day before we were supposed to leave I was looking for the tickets, but I couldn’t find them anymore. That was kind of heartbreaking. I really panicked and my friend was so pissed. I said “You know what, we are going to get in, no matter what.” I had my order and I could see that the tickets existed so I thought, maybe we can get in with those e-tickets. Then we got on the train to Hamburg. It was a 4 hour drive and during the drive I tried to call so many people from the entertainment industry in Germany explaining the situation, but everybody told me that I really needed a physical ticket to get in. But I kept hope. In Hamburg we went to our Airbnb and then to the venue. We were a bit earlier, because one woman told me that maybe some people would be selling their tickets on the street. And there we saw indeed people selling their tickets! We found this guy who was selling his front row tickets so we bought them on the spot and I paid for both tickets. So we went in and yeah, this concert was so amazing! Solange was singing my favorite song called F.U.B.U (For Us By Us) for people in the crowd and then she got to our side. She got down on her knees and she sang a verse to me, looking me in my eyes, pointing at me, making contact… It was amazing. And it was so amazing that I even tattooed ‘F.U.B.U’ on my wrist!”

Gesproken met Osasumwen | Yoniverse |29 okt 2021 | Fotografie door Zoë Zandwijken


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