Serana Angelista X CT

Compagnietheater is becoming House of CT, because we’re leaving our beloved theater space behind to go nomadic. On the 28th and 29th of June 2022, you can find our first performances at Felix Meritis and later this year in Het Hem. For any- and everyone who is or was a fan of Compagnietheater, we’ve commissioned artist Serana Angelista to create a special edition House of CT keepsake, to celebrate and remember the time we spent at this beautiful theater at Kloveniersburgwal.

The keepsake print 42 cm wide and 59,4 cm long and completely free for our fans. Update 29/9/22: sending the artwork through mail is no longer possible. You can get them for free at our programs though. Ask at the box office. 

About Serana Angelista

Serana Angelista (BA in Fine Arts) is an art director, graphic designer and visual artist. Serana’s profession intersects with creation and restorative justice and mainly works for the cultural field.

With their autonomous work, Serana sets multi-perspectivity, breaking stereotypes, creating social awareness as the standard, and contributes to the democratization of graphic design. Serana’s autonomous work is represented by Hama Gallery.

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