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CT Icons #5: Nina McNeely on dance in L.A., covid mentality and taking ballet

CT is proud to present CT Icons, a new weekly web series. Our favorite, legendary Dutch artists introduce us to their most inspiring and iconic international friends and colleagues, and talk about their work, personal lives and the power of art.

In the fifth episode of CT Icons, Dutch creative studio MAISON the FAUX talks to their friend Nina McNeely:



Nina McNeely is an L.A based choreographer, director, visual artist and creative director. Her puppet-like movements reflect how the systems and logic of capitalism can be embodied. At the same time, her work shows that defying that logic—creating a gap between individuals and the forces that animate them—doesn’t have to look like escape or transcendence; it can look like doubling down and experimenting with the weird tensions, twitchy resistances, and downright magic within. She’s collaborated with artists such as Björk, Rihanna, Mø, Banks, Skrillex, Eve, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Dillon Francis to name a few. She is thrilled to have recently worked on her first feature with Gaspar Noé and the incredible cast of Climax. She is represented by Bloc Talent Agency and Maavven. Follow her on Instagram @ninamcneely.
Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer are the creative directors of MAISON the FAUX, “a creative studio posing as a grand couture fashion house”. The Fictional House, a rough translation of MAISON the FAUX, is rooted in the great fascination of what’s REAL and FAKE, a great sense of humor and self-mockery, combined with a deep love of fashion.
The studio specializes in performance art, fashion & costume design and set and interior design. The work of MAISON the FAUX is determined by it’s multidisciplinary approach; MAISON the FAUX aims to create work that finds the perfect synergy between many creative arts. Creating shows, plays, experiences, collections, spaces and much more, that invites audiences to be a part of the MAISON the FAUX universe. Follow them on Instagram @maisonthefaux.
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