Which catchphrase was said by which drag queen?


a. Girl, look how orange you fuckin’ look!

Alyssa Edwards


b. Get those nuts away from my face!

Latrice Royale


c. What you wanna do is not necessarily what you’re gonna do…

Gia Gunn



d. Not today, Satan, not today!

Bianca Del Rio


e. Your tone seems very pointed right now



f. I love long walks on the beach, big d*cks and fried chicken



g. Oh lord, again? A-fucking-gain?

Jasmine Masters


h. I feel very attacked right now! (trick question!)

Brooke Lynn Hytes (in their magic show, she was referring to Laganja Estranja’s quote from season 6 “I feel very attacked!”)



i. I’d like to keep it on please!



j. That’s a rash, not a herpes sore


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